Monday, September 7, 2009

What is art?

What a broad question with many possible answers. You could say...

I may not know much about art but I know what I like.

Beauty (or art) is in the eye of the beholder.

Art is many things to many people.

Lucy in the Field With Flowers - Artist Unknown
What's not to like about sitting in a field of daisies?

If my husband would ever meet a woman on the street who looked like the women in his paintings, he would fall over in a dead faint ~ Mrs. Pablo Picasso

How many times have you heard these phrases? Prepare yourself then for a different type of art museum, one that is dedicated to the collection, preservation and celebration of bad art!

Peter the Kitty by Mrs. Jackson
Seriously, who doesn't like kitties even if this one looks cranky!

Good art is in the wallet of the beholder ~ Kathy Lette

Since 1994 the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) has been dedicated to bringing the worst of art to the widest of audiences. Their collection has been accumulated in many different ways from dumpster diving to donations. But lest you think they accept just any old thing, the museum’s guideline is: it must have been created by someone who was seriously attempting to make an artistic statement – one that has gone horribly awry in either its concept or execution. Each work of art is truly too bad to be ignored.

Sunday on the Pot With George - Artist Unknown

This one reminds me of an uncle or is that too much information?

Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

MOBA is located in Dedham, Massachusetts and is housed in the basement of an old movie theater within earshot of the men’s lavatory. A second location opened in Somerville in May also located in the basement of a theatre but no word as to whether or not it is near the men’s restroom.

More by Sandy Winslow
Not sure what the third eye is about - the better to see you with?

Take me! I am the hallucinogenic ~ Salvador Dali

A little tour of MOBA

You can find MOBA on line or via their newsletter MOBA News, and you can also shop MOBA.

I leave you with this thought from Oscar Wilde:
Bad artists always admire each other's work!

Pictures from the MOBA website.


  1. How interesting, Bonnie! Of course, I did love the grumpy kitty! I find that some of the "art" that is in the regular museums should be in the MOBA!! lol My guideline...if I can do it, it isn't art! I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Oh Bonnie! That was a hoot! I lived near Dedham Mass. years ago! Great quotes Bonnie!!! G.K. Chesterton is one of my favorites. Here is a good one out of the mouth of the man: "Any dead thing can flow down the river; it takes a living thing to stand against it." HA! Maybe these bad artists aren't so bad at all, trying to go against the flow!!!! Awesome post. Have a beautiful evening my friend, Anita

  3. Hi there-a great selection of art here!! Thanks for stopping by too!

  4. nice pictures! =)

  5. Bonnie,
    Anita turned me on to your blog. Couldn't agree with you more about art. She's got me blogging now and I'm hooked. Just started yesterday, trying to keep it simple. Two posts: one serious, one fun. Let me know what you think.